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  • Interest is paid out every day at 00:00 UTC. The hour it appears in your account balance depends on the time you made your deposit.
  • If you deposit after a payout, earnings for the following period will be prorated based on the hours remaining until the next payout.
  • The ROI is 15 to 50 days. After 15-50 days, you will earn back your initial investment (earned at 2 to 7% daily). Your initial investment stays with the platform. After the 15-50th day, you earn 2 to 7% profit daily for life.
Start earning today with Investchain! Earn 2 to 7% daily interest.
Frequently Asked Questions Have a look at our frequently asked questions to learn more about Investchain investment platform.
What is Investchain? Investchain is a UK-based investment platform that simplifies cryptocurrency trading for you.
How does it work? Our advanced trading programs take your cryptocurrency and turnaround a profit that provides you a stable income. We use only the best cryptocurrency exchange trading programs that work on several servers 24/7 globally. Our goal is to make you the best profit possible.
How do you secure my funds? Your cryptocurrency funds are not always on active trades. They are only sent to exchanges when they need to be traded. Otherwise, they are held in cold storage. We typically use decentralized exchanges, so your funds stay in the Investchain wallet for added security. We send the cryptocurrency from the wallet to the exchange and back to the wallet once the trade is finished.
Is Investchain a legally registered company? Our top goal is earning the trust of clients while we earn you big interest. We are a legally registered company founded in the UK. Our services are 100% legal, and you may verify our company information through Companies House using #11355907.
How can I invest with Investchain? Our process is simple. Register for a free account then use one of the deposit options to start investing. Your interest begins compiling immediately upon investment and can be withdrawn at any time. Interest is sent to your account every Monday.
How do I deposit cryptocurrencies? Once you’ve registered for an account, you will have access to your Investor Dashboard. Click the “Deposit” link and you will find your personal addresses. Your cryptocurrency should be sent to the corresponding deposit address. Once it is confirmed on the blockchain, your interest will begin accruing.
How long does it take my deposit to show up on my account? The time it takes to process deposits depends on two factors: the specific blockchain and the fee you pay to send the cryptocurrency. The process can take as few as 10 minutes or as long as a couple of hours. Your currency does need to be confirmed before it will appear in your account, so check back every couple of hours to verify the deposit.
Which payment methods do you accept? We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, PM, Payeer, Advcash and more at this time. Currently, we are looking into adding more payment methods as investment options.
Can I reinvest my earnings directly from my account balance? On your deposit page, there is an auto-reinvest option that you can activate. Once you select this option, your weekly earnings will automatically reinvest into your initial investment. Please Note: Once you activate auto-reinvest, you cannot cancel it for the following seven (7) days.
What are the deposit limits? There is no minimum and no maximum deposit limit.
How can I withdraw my earnings? From your Investor Dashboard, go to the withdraw page. Select your preferred cryptocurrency and the amount you wish to withdraw. You will then be asked to confirm the withdrawal. It’s that easy!
How long does it take to complete my withdraw? We process withdraws instantly. But depending on the blockchain, it may take some time to show up in your personal wallet. We have no control over this process.
Can I withdraw my initial investment? At this time, it is not possible to withdraw your principle.
What are the withdraw limits? The Bitcoin withdrawal limit is $10. For all other cryptocurrencies, the limit is set at $5. For Payeer; $0.02, for PM; $0.01, for Advcash; $1.5. Investchain retains the right to set and change these limits at any time. We will notify our customers about such changes as they happen.
Is there an auto-withdraw option? From your Investor Dashboard, select Withdraw to go to the withdrawal page. Choose the option for auto-withdrawal to start the auto-withdrawal process. Earnings will be transferred to you on a weekly basis when payouts are made. Once you enable auto-withdraw, you cannot disable it again for seven days.
Can I withdraw in a different cryptocurrency than the one I used for my deposit? Yes. You will be prompted to choose the currency you wish to use for your withdrawal when you are filling out the withdrawal form.
What is Investchain Affiliate Program? Investchain Affiliate Program is an opportunity for you to earn commissions for deposits from referrals. You can share your personalized link with friends, family, co-workers, and more to encourage them to earn big interest with Investchain. In turn, you will earn a commission for every deposit they make.
What is the Affiliate commission rate? At this time, our Affiliate program’s commission is set at a flat 5% of deposits made by your referrals.
When will my Affiliate commission deposit into my account? Once your referral’s deposit is confirmed, Investchain will credit your account immediately with the referral commission.
How do I sign up for the Affiliate Program? There are no sign-ups or forms to fill out! Simply share your referral link located on your Investor Dashboard to start making commissions.
Do I have to make a deposit to earn an Affiliate commission? No, you do not need an active deposit to earn a referral commission. Simply set up a free account, share your referral link across social media, email, or text, and start earning!
How do I open an account in Investchain? Click on one of the “Invest Now” buttons to be taken to the registration form. Fill out the required information and you will receive a confirmation email. Once you confirm your email address, you can log in to your Investor Dashboard.
Are there any required files that I must send? The sign-up process is easy and simple. We do not require any files for investing with our platform.
How do I confirm my email? Once you’ve registered for an account, you will receive an email at the address you provided. If you do not see the email, check your Spam or Junk folder to ensure it wasn’t marked incorrectly. Your welcome email contains an activation link to activate your account Simply click the link and it will take you to a web page confirming your email.
What if I forget my password? If you’ve forgotten your password to access your Investor Dashboard, click the “Forgot Password” link located on the login page. Fill out the appropriate information in the form to reset your password.
I entered the wrong email when signing up! What do I do? If you have entered the wrong email, register again using the correct email. Then send an email to [email protected] to notify us of the reason for duplicate accounts. Include which email and account you prefer to use. We will do the rest on our end.
Can I open several accounts on Investchain? Duplicate accounts are not authorized on Investchain. If you open multiple accounts, you could risk being banned from our platform.
I have a question not listed! Use our contact form to send us a question you couldn’t find an answer to and we will get back with you quickly!
Contact Us Use the form below to contact your Investchain trading team.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +44 20 3868 7208
  • Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:00 AM - 17:00 PM UTC
If you have a technical issue, log in to your account and open a ticket from the Help Center.